2020 Charge Conferences

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As we look ahead to fall of 2020 and face unanswered questions about the COVID-19 pandemic, the Michigan Conference has decided to convene Fall Church Conferences as Charge Conferences. Instead of inviting the entire membership of each congregation to participate in a called Church Conference, we are gathering just the leaders of each congregation (members of the Ad Board, Church Council, Leadership Team, Governance Board – whatever you call it in your church setting) and whatever retired pastors have located in your church to participate in the necessary votes required by the Book of Discipline. These are limited to approving salaries for appointed or assigned pastors and affirming the slate of church leaders for the coming year.

Book of Discipline 246.2

2020 Charge Conference Letter

2020 Charge Conference Schedule

2020 Charge Conference Forms Checklist

2020 Good Beginnings-Pastor

2020 Good Beginnings-SPRC