Lay Equalization Members to Annual Conference

As the Greater Southwest District Lay Leader, I have the opportunity to invite 23 laity, as well as a youth and a young adult, to Annual Conference held May 28-31, 2020 at the Grand Traverse Resort. They would be voting members to equal the number of clergy members. Lay members shall have been professing members… Continue Reading Lay Equalization Members to Annual Conference

District Roundtable

The next District Roundtable will be Tuesday, November 5 at 8am at The Panel Room in Hartford. Clergy and laity are invited to join DS Dwayne for a discussion of a book What Are We Fighting For?: Coming Together Around What Matters Most by Thomas J. Bickerton.

District Youth serve in Detroit

district youth mission team

Last week, a Mission Team made up of four youth and two adults served at Cass Community Social Services in Detroit. Justice and Zion from Three Rivers: Center Park UMC and Julia and Lincoln from Edwardsburg: Hope UMC were led by Pastor Matt West (Girard) and Corey Sheets (Hope). The team spent time in the… Continue Reading District Youth serve in Detroit

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