2021 Charge Conferences

All Fall conferences will be Charge Conferences, unless specific arrangements have been made. Who are the members of a charge conference? 2016 Book of Discipline ¶246.2 The membership of the charge conference shall be all members of the church council or other appropriate body, together with retired ordained ministers and retired diaconal ministers who elect… Continue Reading 2021 Charge Conferences

UMW Mission Challenge

Our District United Methodist Women collected sweaters and quilts from all over West Michigan on September 12, 2020. God richly blessed us with an amazing number of sweaters and quilts. One woman made more than 100 sweaters!! Pokagon was the winner this year with 184 sweaters and 4 quilts. Bless everyone that made things for the… Continue Reading UMW Mission Challenge

Disinfectant Available

Wonder Makers Environmental has 2-oz bottles of concentrated Anasphere Plus available to District churches. Mix with warm water to make a gallon of commercial grade disinfectant which can be applied by wiping, spraying, or fogging. Churches are asked to pick it up in Kalamazoo or cover the cost of shipping. If interested, contact Michael Pinto at map@wondermakers.com or… Continue Reading Disinfectant Available

District Youth serve in Detroit

district youth mission team

Last week, a Mission Team made up of four youth and two adults served at Cass Community Social Services in Detroit. Justice and Zion from Three Rivers: Center Park UMC and Julia and Lincoln from Edwardsburg: Hope UMC were led by Pastor Matt West (Girard) and Corey Sheets (Hope). The team spent time in the… Continue Reading District Youth serve in Detroit